Does an Ethanol fireplace heat a room?

Yes, on average, a chimney with a 2 litre burner will have a thermal power of 2.26 kW to 3.26 kW and will heat a room of about 30 m2.

Can we extinguish the chimney before the end?

Yes, you can extinguish the chimney before all the ethanol is burned. The stop mechanism allows you when you leave the house not to leave the fire unattended.

How to light the fire?

For manual fireplaces: With a lighter for a fireplace or long matches.

For chimneys equipped with an electronic system: By pressing the ignition button or with the remote control.

Are ethanol fireplaces easy to install?

For independent chimneys, i.e. mobile chimneys, they are immediately operational. No installation work is required.

The built-in chimneys will be installed and commissioned by our installer.

Are the wall chimneys supplied with the fixing screws?

Yes, screws and pads are provided.

Can I use my existing chimney?

Yes, simply place your new burner in place of the logs.

How can I clean the burner?

he burners are made of stainless steel, it is recommended to clean them with a soft cloth so as not to scratch them. We recommend a cleaning product with neutral PH.

How do I clean the chimney?

With a soft cloth so as not to scratch the chimney with a traditional household product. It is strongly advised not to use products such as gasoline, acetone or white spirit. These materials and products could alter the paint on the chimneys and also the ions in your burner.

Is it possible to put decorative pebbles all over the chimney?

Yes, depending on the available space and without closing the burner.

Can we adjust the flame of the burners?

Most of the models we offer allow you to adjust the flame intensity for a larger or smaller flame.

Where can I get Bioethanol?

In our shop in priority, our ethanol is a pure and odorless product of very good quality. You can also find bioethanol in some supermarkets or hardware stores. Be careful about the quality, because some fuels are better than others.

How long will the fireplace burn (bioethanol)?

In general 2 litres of Bioethanol burn between 5 and 8 hours. This depends on the burner size. 

Is Bioethanol environmentally friendly?

Bioethanol is biodegradable, miscible in water and when it burns the residual emission is carbon dioxide and water vapour. It is entirely composed of organic products.

What is Bioethanol?

Bioethanol is an absolute alcohol, produced by the fermentation of sugars from agricultural and forest products.

Can other fuels be used?

It is essential to use only bioethanol intended for use in Bioethanol fireplaces.

Does bioethanol smell?

Our Fanola Bioethanol does not smell when burned.