Ethanol or bioethanol: what is it?

Ethanol or fine bioethanol is an ecological fuel derived from the fermentation of vegetable biomass.  It does not come from the distillation of edible plants (corn, rice, sugar cane, etc.) and does not contribute to the depletion of the planet’s food supply. On the contrary, it contributes in an environmentally friendly way to waste recycling.

Ethanol is manufactured naturally. It first consists of reacting plants by bringing them into contact with specific enzymes called cellulase in order to obtain sugars. The latter will be fermented to obtain, at the end of the chain, alcohol by decomposition. It is this vegetable alcohol that composes Bioethanol.

The advantages of Ethanol are multiple:

– 100% natural and vegetable

– does not emit smoke when consumed

– odourless and dirt-free

It can be used without any inconvenience in the house.

We offer Bioethanol in liquid form in 5 litre cans.

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