Ethanol or Bioethanol fireplace and its advantages

The Ethanol Fireplace, also called Bioethanol, offers all the pleasure of a fireplace without its drawbacks: no wood to carry, no smoke, no soot, no blackening and no smell.
Installation: In Switzerland, Bioethanol Chimneys with an energy value of less than 2kW do not require a chimney flue and can be easily installed. Chimneys with an energy value greater than 2 kW will still require a simple steam exhaust. In all other countries all our chimneys can be installed without exhaust ducts.
Design and use: Our Etahnol fireplaces have a trendy, modern and clean design. Our chimneys are mostly equipped with an electronic system with the latest technology. They are equipped with a remote control and are easy to use.
Convenient as an auxiliary heater: Although the Ethanol Chimney cannot replace a conventional heating system year-round, it can delay central heating in mid-season and provide interesting additional heat for the coldest days of the year. Depending on the model, the heating capacity varies between 3 Kw/h and 8 Kw/h, sufficient to heat an insulated room.


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