Conditions and Security


The purchaser undertakes to have read and accepted the safety conditions and instructions, and thus takes full responsibility for the handling and operation of the LIZARDS chimneys as well as the Bio Ethanol that he owns and handles.
LIZARDS chimneys work exclusively with a flammable liquid, Bio Ethanol. Its use requires a number of precautions. If you follow these instructions completely, you can use your burner safely.

– Failure to follow these rules can result in serious burns and fire hazards.
– Be sure to follow the instructions for use of your Chimney and place it on a horizontal and stable surface.
– Only use “heating” Bio Ethanol in the fireplace of the appliance, it benefits from a specific distillation process and does not emit any odours. Do not use petroleum products for other uses: gasoline, diesel, white spirit, methylated spirits, etc.
– When lighting the fireplace, keep children and pets away.
– The ignition, explained in the instructions for use, must only be done with a lighter or match.
– No products should be added if the fireplace is partially started or in operation.
– Wait for the fireplace to cool before adding Bio Ethanol and re-lighting the flame (at least 10 minutes).
– After a combustion, if Bio Ethanol remains in the tank, make sure to wait 10 minutes by opening the hatch (to let air) before relighting, this because of the remaining vapors around the fireplace.
– Do not handle the burner when it is lit, except to actuate the closing zipper. Do not blow on the flame in order to extinguish it.
– Provide fire extinguishing devices near the chimney (fire extinguisher).
– In case of burns, call the nearest hospital. Do not apply any grease to the burn. If it is superficial and not extensive, cool only with fresh water for several minutes. Consult a physician if in doubt about the severity of a burn.
– Never discharge fuel into water pipes or into the wild. Respect the environment!
– Do not use in a room of less than 10 m2 without an outside opening and ventilation. Use your fireplace only in well ventilated areas.
– Do not use the Chimney and its burner to cook food, heat water, grill meat, etc.
– Do not use the Fireplace and its burner near flammable products: curtains, fabrics, furniture, etc….
– Do not use the Chimney and its burner if it is in the flammable gas room.